Recent Projects


The unifying element throughout photographic production over the recent years is the desire to participate, in the sense of sharing history, places and events. I believe that each subject is of equal worth in front of the camera, both great history and small events open your mind and cause a thoughtful expression, that must lead to participation.



Photography is material made of clues, recollections, meaning and symbols. It is seemingly elusive material, and the study of its language is woven with paths of sociological, philosophical, historical inquiries and with techniques of visual perception.
Providing students with an expressive medium within the following contents, to create a photographic project, while listening to their thoughts, a hint, a need, a permitted doubt with a reverse route, and transmitting the necessary synthesis for learning.

Surrounding the image


Moving within the image means above all being attentive to what happens in the world of photography when a comparison or confirmation is prompted, in the work of other photographers, in exhibitions and publications.
The transformation, not only technological, that photography has recently experienced deserves some careful reflection because the diffusion of images is becoming increasingly widespread and less and less conscious.