Impressions of Berlin


With its real presence and its evoking absence, Berlin is a city where you can try and understand that difficult relationship between time and history. An intense history, not only as a sequence of facts but an ability to attribute a sense to events.

Physical space and mental space are combined in this place together with reutilization, appreciating it as an opportunity to find answers to the questions of today.

I have gathered my reasons for this photographic pathway by looking for places with distant and recent history. I have told them in the new Berlin today,  that’s able to face its past with great understanding, and the future with great openings.

Space is a doubt,  wrote Georges Perec, and this is why places provoke different hypotheses of approach and pathways. But the hypotheses in Berlin are increasing, and looking around you makes you reflect more.

Trip to Malta


A trip to Malta is surprising.
This small island, that contains so much history, is a summary of a mass of alternating cultures and religions with their battles over the centuries. We mustn’t speak of colonization because Malta knew how to build and maintain its own identity, that these influences nurtured. This elusive nature is felt everywhere, in the language and in the food, in the architecture and in the cultural places.
In the eyes of the traveller, Malta may seem as if it is still in the 1950s, or 1960s, but we must hope that she doesn’t burn these 50 years, by undervaluing what is really worth learning. Today this microcosm does not escape serious economic and social problems but when we visit the archeological sites dating back to 5000 BC, we sense hope, and not just for Malta, that such great history can be stronger than what these hyped up times are leaving.