The Roses of Ravensbrück

Story of Italian deportees


The video documentation retraces the stages of deportation from the moment they entered Ravensbruck concentration camp until the survivors returned to Italy, creating a unanimous fresco of the epoch-making tragedy.


Feminine multiwritings for a contemporary Grand Tour


Stories of twelve women in twelve different cities, this is the fresco of Dodecapoli, a project of expressive writing and photography combining the two different narrative languages which influence the events, becoming specular.

Etruscan Workshop

Young history investigators


Published by Orvieto Council  for the twentieth anniversary of the educational workshop, dedicated to the pupils of the elementary and secondary schools in Umbria.
La storia degli Etruschi narrata nel cuore dell’Etruria per piccoli detective, esploratori di un mondo antico.


Orvieto intensely simple -


Photographic collaboration with the web-site