Feminine multiwritings for a contemparary Grand Tour – Short stories by Laura Ricci with photograps by Ambra Laurenzi

“They never really show what it was you saw”… Felix wanders along the roads of the American province looking for stories that one can see with photographs, captured by the pure eye of the lens (from the film “Alice in the Cities” by Wim Wenders).
That is the best incentive for those who move through places with a camera, for as Georges Perec wrote space becomes a question, a hypothesis. Seeing by itself is not enough, what counts is the quality of the eye that discovers, understands, elaborates, takes possession without betraying its subject.
The cities in the stories of Dodecapoli leave vivid mental images, which are gradually transformed into a visual language in the composition of volumes, full and empty spaces, perspectives and matter, atmosphere and colours. Places both real and imaginary in which the protagonists of the stories move freely and find their way.

Ambra Laurenzi

In this book, buildings and spaces were the affectionate constraints, their arcane solid beauty the plasma of creation. It is from the lights and shadows of the stones, from the placement and reverberations of the spaces, from the sedimented and rooted traces of memory that, entrusting myself to the genius loci, the creatures of Dodecapoli blossomed and took shape. Each of them, in the new yet ancestral subjectivity of a modern day vestal, merged with a specific place. My writing, humble receptive medium, just as much in the present, listened and observed. The better to see, I relied on the photographic eye.
At the end of the road, after the journey, footloose we are summoned for a new initiative journey.

Laura Ricci