I explored places as in a stage, where the architectural structures, the urban pattern and people meet and interact.
As in a brick building game, I wanted to break down and visually reassemble the elements in order to redefine their characteristics and find new suggestions, believing that “the space is uncertain: I have to identify it continously, to draw it. It is never mine, I must conquer it” (Georges Perec)



Regardless of individual faith feelings, Jerusalem does not leave anybody indifferent due to the presence of that patchwork of confessions, cultures and rites crossed here, albeit with strong contradictions in an immutable balance. All the signs are there, visible and tangible, even if it is difficult to grasp them to perceive their contours and decode their meanings.

But in that small perimeter of the world, which is East Jerusalem, there is a very clear sensation of being at the centre of a millenary history that still interrogates us and the emotion is strong.