A whole world of thoughts and emotions develops within photography, to be experienced before being represented and then conveyed. Comparing themes developed by other photographers helps us to reflect not only about the photographic tool, but also about the world in which we live, and the ways each individual chooses to move around. Photography therefore becomes a reflection on life.


Book Presentation


The many aspects of the language of photography multiply because the photographer’s perception of the real world and ability to visually synthesize are activated. Other graphic and editorial elements are added when publishing a book that the author wishes to share, so they then become an integral part of your work and subject to further examination.

Exhibition Presentation


Curating the presentation of a photographic exhibition means finally being able to manage “the photographs”, those two-dimensional objects that are such a large part of our imagination, and to which so much evocative power is granted.
It is therefore the position and dimension of the images, in a exhibition route, that represent an indispensable form of communication.