Photographic language and editorial project

What drives us to take photographs? What is the meaning and value of a photograph? How do we perceive the space around us and how can we represent it? How do we begin an editorial project? The course answers these questions by analyzing the characteristics of the photographic image that, like a language, can express itself using different forms of expression based on the photographers’ intentions and the aim of the project. These latter two fundamental elements are based on a teaching program that considers the individual needs of the student, giving them the necessary tools and method of approach in order to create a project.

Some examples of the topics covered during previous academic years and published:

Indagine sulle confessioni presenti a Roma

a.a. 2005-2006

link to n.4 di Filidaquilone


Spazi fisici, luoghi mentali

a.a. 2007-2008

link to n.16 di Filidaquilone


Indagine sull’oggi, strumenti per domani

a.a. 2008-2009

link to n.21 di Filidaquilone