Read a city and write a photograph

Workshop Orvieto Fotografia Fotonarrando Leggere una città e scrivere una fotografia

The workshop is aimed at those  who already have a basic knowledge of photography techniques and wish to widen their linguistic and expressive photography skills in connection with travelling and places.

The traveller is the protagonist and is so from the moment he or she arrives in a new place. In the city square, sipping  coffee, looking around himself, trying to find his bearings.

The fascination of narrating with images is in looking, profoundly and seeing what is not visible straightaway, the identity of a place.

It is at that moment that one feels the desire to “…chase images, and even the unimaginable image. Sometimes you manage to find it, like finding a white whale” 
(Robert Doisneau)
Orvieto is genuinely rich with stimuli and provides plenty of inspiration for a workshop, where a narrative idea can be developed and created.

The 3 day course program includes:

–        Getting to know the course members through images they have created          previously, for those wishing to share them.

–        Presentation of a range of authors, who have influenced various narrative themes,          through which some linguistic tools will be discussed and  decoded.

–        Choice of themes in the city that each of the participants will have decided to follow.

–        Creation of photographs based on chosen pathway

–        Analysis and discussion of images created, leading to a narrative summary


Timetable over the three days, dates to be decided with participants

Day 1           15,00  –  20,00

Day 2             9,00   –  13,00  /   14,30  –  20,00

Day3             9,00   –  13,00  /   14,00  –  17,00


The course will be in Italian.