The Roses of Ravensbrück

Story of Italian deportees

The women’s concentration camp of Ravensbrück, 80kms north of Berlin, was built in 1939 for the internment of women and children. Approximately 1000 Italian women were deported there between June 1944 and April 1945.
The video-documentary intends to give a voice to their story, to the deportation of women in detail.

Women today have given a voice to the testimonials of ex deportees, accompanied by historical photos and images by the author. The video retraces the deportation stages from entering the concentration camp to the return of the survivors to Italy, piecing together the different parts of a horrific tragedy.

project and photographs by Ambra Laurenzi
editing and digital processing by Federico Girella
original music by Giulia Cozzi
scientific revision by Giovanna Massariello Merzagora