Collaboration with the on-line cultural magazine began in the first edition,  presenting the work of many artists, with particular attention to young talent. The online newspaper regularly publishes articles regarding current exhibitions and other events linked to photography.



Poetry, tales, reviews and reflections on a particular topic are presented in each edition of the magazine. An aim of the photography section is to compare two artists whom through their photographic work focus on the indicated theme from different view points, using different languages, demonstrating this tool’s potential, to show just how wide and complex it is.


Lennie’s place

From number12 of Filidaquilone

The mistery of an untameable nature

From number 25 of Filidaquilone

Still life by Paola Vattovani

From number 7 of Filidaquilone



The collaboration with an on-line newspaper is linked to an event, in this case the opening of an exhibition, or book presentation.

We aim to focus on events in Rome and some important presentations in Orvieto.

Here are some articles that have been written:


Photography in the service of the environment

On the occasion of the first biennial photo exhibition in Viterbo on the theme of “Objective Man Environment”

October 2005



Photography by Michele Stallo:fragments of identity for an Italian-Iraqi house

Photo exhibition opened in Orvieto on the subject of Music and Art. Tools for reciprocal respect among cultures.

January 2006


Pain and conscience

 On the occasion of the photo exhibition at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere by the winners of the World Press Photo 2006

May 2006



Bresson, the photograph in search of the moment 

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition in Rome at Palazzo Braschi

July  2006


Beirut, act 2  scene 1

World Press Photo 2007 Award to Spencer Platt

February 2007


A glance beyond the image                    

On the occasion of the presentation of the book by Lucia Motti, Women of the  CGIL – the story over a century.

April 2007


The disturbing tableaux of Gregory Crewdson

On the occasion of the exhibition by the artist in Rome at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni

February 2008


Emotions in real-time. Bill Viola exhibition in Rome

On the occasion of the exhibition by the artist in Rome at the Palazzo dell Esposizioni

November 2008


In the forest of  photographs by  Steve Mc Curry

On the occasion of the photo exhibition by the artist in Perugia at the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria

June 2010


The room of memories. Installation by  Massimo Achilli: voices in time, passing by and their identity. 

Installation within the 10th edition of  Venti Ascensionali that is held in Orvieto.

November 2010